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The Dual Containment Specialist

TFPES works closley with its UK manufacturing partner's to supply Double Contained chemical & industrial process hoses to service the requirements of Water Utilities, MEICA, Food, Agriculture and Industrial customers.

We aim to provide the complete solution including the Dual Contained hose, fittings, catchpots, trace heating & insulation. Our complementary range of Process Engineering Supplies backed by our extensive knowledge allows us to tailor a package to suit your requirements.


Concepts and Main Principles

Dual containment is the use of a carrier line encased in a larger outer hose with the aim of providing physical protection and/or another barrier to a leak being released into the external environment.

Widely used in chemical dosing and similar applications a key component of any installation will be the appropriate termination at the inlet and the point of application.

Best practice would be for one or indeed both of the outer ends to be open in an alarmed bunded area to allow any leak to flow out and trigger the alarm in a safe location. We offer custom fittings to allow the appropriate termination of our Dual Contained hoses and this also includes the availabilty of Catch Pots which give additional flexibility on installation and alarm locations.


Flexible Solutions

Our close working relationship with hose manufacturers allows us to provide a wide range of standard Dual Containment solutions and also to offer custom solutions to suit a particular application.