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Insulation and Trace Heating Solutions

To compliment and protect your dual contained investment we have partnered with leading insulation, custom jacket and trace heating specialists. Whether you are looking to protect from temperature impact or other environmental affects such as UV these products can provide long term benefits that can help to maximise the life and minimise risks of the installation.

Kaiflex EPDMplus is an insulation material with a closed cell structure that provides an inherent water vapour barrier and means it can be used to prevent condensation and pipe corrosion. It is also naturally resistant to moisture and most chemicals and together these properties make Kaiflex EPDMplus ideally suited for use in demanding process environments where salt water, chemical vapours and high temperatures can combine to accelerate corrosion.

Other options include a variety of protective finishes and range of formats including tubes and sheet to give flexibility on installation methods.

Should the project require frost protection or temperature maintenance then the addition of a Trace Heating solution can deliver. The trace heating can be provided as a kit to install alongside the insulation or we can on request offer our Double Safe complete with the wire inside the outer containment jacket.


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