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Our Polydose is a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) lined carrier hose that provides a smooth bore alternative and offers compatibility to a wider range of chemicals than PVC. WRAS material approval is an added benefit making Polydose the ideal choice for use in water treatment and food processing plants.

Our LDPE range of carrier hoses are all UK manufactured and feature a white EVA (LDPE) outer reinforced multi-layered constructionand are made from silicone and phthalate free materials certified as safe for food contact use, the liner is tested in accordance with BS6920.

LDPE lined hoses are a popular choice for dosing media such as Caustic and Hypochlorite solutions and have a proven track record in many installations.

A comprehensive stock holding means that the most popular sizes sizes of CLEARDOSE and POLYDOSE are available on a next day delivery. Supplied as coils or as long runs cut to your needs to reduce waste. Our PolyDose DS dual containment has a visible “air gap” so that any escaped liquid can be seen and flow onto the alarmed area.

Combined with our custom range of fittings including terminations, pass through and catch pots and other accessories we can deliver a complete solution to your dosing requirements.

Range Description Carrier - LDPE Carrier - Min Burst Pressure Containment - PVC
TFDS Polydose - 6.3/19 6.3 x 12 mm 60 Bar 19 x 25 mm
TFDS Polydose - 10/25 10 x 16 mm 60 Bar 25 x 31 mm
TFDS Polydose - 12.5/25 12.5 x 19 mm 40 Bar 25 x 31 mm
TFDS Polydose - 19/38 19 x 26 mm 40 Bar 38 x 47 mm
TFDS Polydose - 25/45 25 x 33 mm 40 Bar 45 x 54 mm
TFDS Polydose - 32/50 32 x 42 mm 40 Bar 50 x 59 mm
TFDS Polydose - 38/60 38 x 48 mm 40 Bar 60 x 72 mm
TFDS Polydose - 50/75 50 x 62 mm 30 Bar 75 x 86 mm

** all data is for illustration only based on manufacturers data which is subject to their tolerances and change without notice
    pressures stated at 20c

Wras Material Approval