Simonadual2 PP/PE




SIMODUAL2 Piping Systems consist of an inner pipe that carries the medium and an external protective pipe. They are both fabricated out of quality-certified and independently monitored components and available as standard as a PE/PE or optionally PP/PE combination.

One of the distinctive elements of this piping system is that it features a continuous, monitorable and pressure-resistant leak containment chamber to give maximum safety. As a pipe material, polyethylene (PE) has a proven track record that spans more than fifty years. As the material of choice for the media-carrying pipe, it offers a number of benefits including a long operational service life, good chemical resistance, proven creep and mechanical strength even at low temperatures.

The unique SIMONA laying method facilitates safe and simple installation using a cascade (stage by stage) fusion jointing technique of the entire piping system. Thanks to the integrated anchor points that makes it particularly practical and saves time and money.

Range Description Carrier - PE or PP Carrier (Outer) Containment - PE
SIMO SimoDual2 - 32/90 32 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 90 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 63/110 63 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 110 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 90/160 90 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 160 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 110/180 110 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 180 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 160/250 160 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 250 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 200/315 200 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 315 mm OD
SIMO SimoDual2 - 225/355 225 mm OD SDR 11 (17) 355 mm OD

** all data is for illustration only based on manufacturers data which is subject to their tolerances and change without notice
    pressures stated at 20c

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