TF GraphicPolyDose LDPE Hose



Our Polydose LDPE lined carrier hose is a Triple layered extruded hose, consisting of a white coloured EVA outer layer, an EVA & LDPE middle layer and black coloured LDPE inner layer with polyester fibre reinforcing.

This Wras material approved hose is ideal for the delivery of many fluids and chemicals with its smooth bore offering excellent flow characteristics.

Manufactured in the UK and benefiting from being Silicone & Cadmium free it offers many of the benefits of process tubing inside a protective multilayered construction that improves pressure ratings and durability. Additionally being free from PVC the hose is s suitable for a range of applications where end users are concerned about the possibility of phthalate (plasticiser) migration.

PolyDose is available in a range of sizes from 1/4" to 2" ID and can be used with a wide range of termination fittings, in addition to standard coil sizes we can supply the hose in longer lengths to suit your requirements. (MOQ & lead time may apply please speak to one our technical sales team)

Temperature range -15 C to + 55 C

Range Description Carrier - LDPE Carrier - Min Burst Pressure Standard Coils
HOSE Polydose - 6.3 6.3 x 12 mm 60 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 10 10 x 16 mm 60 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 12.5 12.5 x 19 mm 40Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 19 19 x 26 mm 40 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 25 25 x 33 mm 40 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 32 32 x 42 mm 40 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 38 38 x 48 mm 40 Bar 30m
HOSE Polydose - 50 50 x 62 mm 30 Bar 30m

** all data is for illustration only based on manufacturers data which is subject to their tolerances and change without notice
    pressures stated at 20c

Wras Material Approval