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Durapipe Guardian is a Dual Contained pipework system made from PVC-U material that uses traditional cement jointing for ease of installation.

Guardian incorporates a patented Centra-Lok™ system, which provides a solid fixed fitting, offering a true point of difference from other dualcontained systems on the market.

Durapipe Guardian is ideal for water and waste treatment applications as it allows the safe transportation of different fluids and some chemical concentrates. Corrosion free and with a reduced risk to health & of environmental pollution. Guardian has gained a good reputation as a reliable, simple and easy to install but trusted solution on many projects.

The table below provides some basic information on the range available...


Range Description Carrier - PVC Carrier (Outer) Containment - PVC
GUAR Guardian - 1/2"/2" 17.6 mm ID CLASS E (C) 60.2 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 3/4"/3" 22.3 mm ID CLASS E (C) 88.7 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 1"/3" 28.6 mm ID CLASS E (C) 88.7 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 1 1/2"/4" 41.5 mm ID CLASS E (C) 114.1 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 2"/4" 51.9 mm ID CLASS E (C) 114.1 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 3"/6" 76.5 mm ID CLASS E (C) 168.0 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 4"/8" 98.5 mm ID CLASS E (C) 218.8 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 6"/10" 144.9 mm ID CLASS E (C) 273.1 mm OD
GUAR Guardian - 8"/12" 196.6 mm ID CLASS D (C) 323.9 mm OD

** all data is for illustration only based on manufacturers data which is subject to their tolerances and change without notice
    pressures stated at 20c

For more information please see the overview brochure by clicking on the logo below:

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